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Guidance / Social Workers


A school social worker is another helper in your school. They help students learn positive ways to solve problems. School counselors help students learn about themselves, including understanding and managing their feelings. They also help students with friendship skills.

Elementary school social workers meet with students individually, in small groups, and visit students in their classrooms. They often talk with parents and teachers about student progress and development. School social workers also provide parents with information about community resources and make referrals to outside agencies.

The school social worker is available for everyone - children, parents and guardians, teachers and staff members.

Anti Bullying Policy

Our anti bullying efforts involve taking a proactive approach by reinforcing the code of cooperation with all students, as well as teaching positive social skills in the classroom and in small group and individual meetings with the school social workers.

If your child reports being bullied please let us or the principal know immediately.

To view our CODES OF COOPERATION click here.